Shoveling machine feed fertilizer
and eradicate the weed

Detail :

Sugarcane production in Thailand is often the cane stubble less
than 5 years. Because understand that the new planting sugarcane
yield higher. Moreover sugar cane stubble have higher fertilizer costs.
But sugar cane farmers in Australia can plantig sugar cane stubble
more than 6 years. Reducing costs of Sugarcane Thai Cane least
50% in almost every 10 years. SRT6SS will help to maintain and prolong sugar cane stubble. By shrimp spring harrow help stimulates sprouting
cane and removal children of grass. Moreover have fertilizer systems in
like cover up soil at the same time. Help save time and expenses

Advantage :

Use shoveling and get rid of eliminating grass. By eliminating grass
without using chemicals. To stimulate the sprouting of sugarcane.
When you start planting sugar cane or after havesting sugar cane
to sugar cane age of about 1 to 2 months with a fertilizer that be
like cover up soil in the groove. That reduce the impact of cane
and reduce production costs lower. Use both sugarcane stubble
and planting new cane.

How to use :

Adjacent to the tractor. Running across the cane row. Adjusting the
depth of the cluster disc and adjust the strength of the harrow spring
to appropriate.


The ability to work :

4 - 6 (1,600 m2/Hour)

Consumption :

About 2 - 3 liters of fuel per 1,600 m2 / labor 1 - 2 person
and Used  90 hp tractor

Maintenance :

Check the nut under the various prior to use.
Grease the hub cluster dishes every day.

Price :

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