Shoveling machine feed fertilizer
and bury cover up
: M.P.I

Detail :

Shoveling machine feed fertilizer and bury cover up (M.P.I)
is a tool that allows for fertilization in sugar cane groove can quick.
By MPI will enter and cover up fertilizer to avoid vaporize fertilizers
into the air. Sugarcane get food fully It also has legs strong bomb
plowed hard soil help shoveling compress soil. Help soil airy
incoherent deep 20 to 30 cm and fertilizer tank can hold 50 kg
of fertilizer each time.

Advantage :

Use fertilizer sugar cane in the groove. To develop a strong root
system cane sugar cane growing. Consistent amount of fertilizers
and control costs. Use both sugarcane stubble and planting new

How to use :

Adjacent to the tractor and work at depths from 20 to 30 cm.
Set the distance width from the leg ripping equal of the row cane
and set the disc cut soil straight to the leg ripper is always.
Spring grinding wheel set by soil hardness to be set pressure is
always less than clay.




The ability to work :

4 - 6 (1,600 m2/Hour)

Consumption :

About 3 - 4 liters of fuel per 1,600 m2 / labor 1 - 2 person
and Used  90 hp tractor

Maintenance :

Check the firmness of the nut all. Before use and after
use for 1 hour.
Add nuts safety at work. After use of fertilizer
should be taken out of the tank to rest out.
Fertilizer tank
with clean water.
Grease all parts of the hinge, such as
the cluster plate and roller.

Price :

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