Steel Company Limited.
Founded on October 9 in November
Since 2537
Located at 109 Moo 8 Neonmakok
Sub-district Phayuha Khiri district
Nakhon Sawan Province

                   > A.D. 1994 aimed at the steel business. The start of production equipment maintenance.
And paint the metal surface.

Map Location

ดู สถานที่ที่ฉันบันทึกไว้ ในแผนที่ขนาดใหญ่กว่า


                    > A.D. 1999 The company began producing agricultural equipment in sugarcane.

                    > A.D. 2005 Research & Sell All about Agricultural machinay
and give counsel everything about sugar cane plating

Throughout the company's operations
is dedicated to the research and development.
Agricultural equipment in sugarcane
continuous as well as equipment manufacturers
the total maintenance.

In addition, the company also a member of the
industry Nakhon Sawan Province.
And to cooperate in the promotion of agricultural
knowledge to the various agencies both public
and private sectors



Nakhonsawan Steel in the production.
Use of modern technology and a standard
Products to all parts. The same standard.
It can be used effectively.










                                     Sustainable agriculture
                                     N.K.S. Helped recover career be bound for 40 ton per rai

                           Location : please watch Google map at left this page.


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